Fertility Acupuncture

The majority of Sandra McKay’s practice is focused on women’s health and fertility.  Ms. McKay L. Ac. works with couples receiving IVF treatments as well as those hoping to conception naturally by preparing their body for optimal success.

Ms. McKay attends classes and lectures each year to learn from the top expert in her field (after each class she must past an exam to show she has an understanding of the material).

Ms. McKay L. Ac. has competed 49 hours of specific training in fertility  & acupuncture since May of 2015!

  • The Treatment of Infertility with Jane Lyttelton, author of “The Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine”.  (19 hrs).
  • Learn How Acupuncture Improves IVF,  Lee Hullender Rubin D.O.A.M, L. Ac. (5 hrs)
  • Addressing Fertility In Advanced Maternal Age, Randine Lewis L. Ac, author of “The Infertility Cure”. (14 hrs)
  • Men’s Health and Infertility, Peter Deadman L. Ac., Author of several text books used in Chinese Medical schools and lecturer on fertility and men’s health. (5 hrs)
  • The Fertility Patient and Thyroid Autoimmune Disease, Leslie Oldershaw, L. Ac. writer, acupuncturist and public speaker regarding fertility and acupuncture.  (6 hrs)

What is a fertility acupuncture session like?

The first session includes a complete health intake detailing all pertinent health information, previous medical history, gynecological history, and previous fertility/infertility history and treatments.  Intake is followed by acupuncture, dietary suggestions, herbal recommendations and an outlined protocol to increase the odds of conception.  Suggestions generally include vitamins, herbal formulas, specific diet, BBT charting, weekly acupuncture.  Sandra McKay L. Ac. will recommend any western Lab tests she feels are necessary to get a full picture of ones health.  Sandra McKay also provides day-of-transfer acupuncture in San Diego IVF clinics. 

Consecutive sessions include acupuncture points tailored to your specific needs to get your body on-track for conception.  Each visit we also discuss the signs and symptoms your body manifests between treatments (BBT charting, cervical mucous, pms & ovulation symptoms etc.).

To schedule and appointment for San Diego fertility acupuncture click here or call 619-232-8391.

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