Fertility Acupuncture Testimonials


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I have been seeing Sandra for almost four years – initially to help treat anxiety and depression as well as whatever else life threw my way. When I was ready to try for a baby, Sandra started by addressing my “thin” pulse with herbs and advice with diet/exercise for creating a suitable environment to house a fetus. Each session she was always attentive to how I was feeling and where I was in my cycle. I always felt comfortable in her hands. I’ll never forget the session she felt my pulses and said they felt different. It turned out I was pregnant! She has successfully guided me through my first pregnancy and is now on the journey with me through number 2. It has been nothing but a pleasure to be her client.

Andrea, Biologist


I have been successfully treated by Sandra McKay for a couple of years now. After being diagnosed with endometriosis over ten years ago, I had been dealing with the aftermath of debilitating menstrual cramps and other symptoms of PMS that would leave me feeling like I had been hit by a train to say the last least. The only relief I felt during that time of the month was from my acupuncture visits. When the time came that my husband and I wanted to expand our family, Sandra helped me track my ovulation, clean up my diet, and started my fertility sessions. We were blessed to conceive and bring a healthy baby boy to term this past March 2015. I received acupuncture care during pregnancy to help with morning sickness and back pain. She has been treating me postpartum as I had to recover from a C-section and my poor posture due to nursing and exhaustion. After I went back to work, I developed painful tendonitis on my left thumb, wrist, and forearm, and acupuncture has helped, as well.
Sandra is very caring, knowledgeable, and professional. She is invested in her patient’s wellbeing and life. Seeing her has become a family affair, as she is now treating my baby, as well. My son was suffering from colic, constipation, and gas, which led to us all being sleep deprived. Sandra started seeing him when he was about two months old. He feels very comfortable with her and is immediately relaxed. She is very gentle and careful. His symptoms have greatly improved. I am grateful to Sandra for helping me pre-during-and-post pregnancy and for treating my baby. I have recommended her to my family, friends, and coworkers. I trust Sandra and will continue seeing her and bringing my baby to her for acupuncture care.
I am very grateful to Sandra, she is the best!
Danielle~ Bank Executive

The last week of pregnancy before my due date, I was so uncomfortable and just ready to have my baby. I saw my sister go a week past her due date and have to be induced with drugs and I really didn’t want that. Sandra used acupuncture on me the evening before my due date. As soon as she put the needles in my body I felt a wave of energy go through me. I went into labor not long after. By the time I reached the hospital I was already at 5cm and no drugs needed. The same results for my second child. With Sandra’s help, I had both of my babies on their due dates. Sandra is very warm and caring while professional. I always felt comfortable and in good hands through all of my treatments with her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Julia ~Attorney

I started seeing Sandra after a shoulder injury in 2005, the relief was immediate and I continued to see her for general health (I am a hair stylist and am on my feel all the time, neck, shoulder and back pain come with the job).  I mentioned an interest in trying to conceive at age 40 and she suggested I come in for weekly acupuncture & that we shift the focus of the treatment to regulating my cycle.  She also recommend some supplements and iron.  I conceived within 3 months and now have a healthy son that I call my “miracle baby”!  I am so grateful for my sessions with Sandra and wish I could come in more often!
Misty, Hair Stylist



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