• Acupuncture  & Chinese Herbal Medicine
    Each acupuncture session consists of a health intake followed by treatment with acupuncture needles. Sandra may also include one of the modalities listed below to enhance the treatment session as well as offer lifestyle and dietary suggestions to expedite your journey to wellness.
  • Herbs are an essential part of Chinese medicine and can enhance the effects of acupuncture and help maintain the results between treatments. Sandra uses the safest and the highest-quality herbal formulas available. All of her herbal products have been tested and meet the strictest biological, ecological and environmental standards.
  • Fertility Acupuncture The first session includes a complete health intake detailing all pertinent health information, previous medical history, gynecological history, and previous fertility/infertility history and treatments.  Intake is followed by acupuncture, dietary suggestions, herbal recommendations and an outlined protocol to increase the odds of conception.  Suggestions generally include vitamins, herbal formulas, specific diet, BBT charting, weekly acupuncture.  Sandra McKay L. Ac. will recommend any western Lab tests she feels are necessary to get a full picture of ones health.  Sandra McKay also provides day-of-transfer acupuncture in San Diego IVF clinics. 
  • Mei-Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • A non–invasive method of increasing blood flow and the production of collagen and elastin through placement of fine filaments in the skin.  The Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System™ utilizes an ancient needling technique that is very superficial. The needling brings increased Qi and blood to the face and can improve or increase the production of collagen and elastin. Since this system is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Mei Zen Practitioner also uses acupuncture point selections on the body to complete the balancing of energy. This results in an overall rejuvenating effect body, mind, and spirit. Diet, lifestyle, and skincare are also evaluated and addressed.
  • Cupping 
    The use of glass or plastic cups placed on the body to create a vacuum suction, resulting in the movement of stagnant energy to promote healing in specific areas. Cupping can leave a harmless skin discoloration that fades within a few days.
  • Gua Sha
    Gua Sha is a technique of using the round edge of a specialized tool to scrape the surface of the skin. This technique promotes circulation and normalizes the metabolic process by eliminating metabolic waste congesting surface tissue and the muscles. Like cupping, Gua Sha often results in skin discoloration that fades within a few days.
  • Moxibustion
    Artemesia, an herb commonly known as Mugwort is burned and held above the surface of the skin to increase blood circulation and promote healing. Sandra uses a special form to reduce the smoke and ash provided.
  • Electrical Stimulation
    The use of a small current of electricity attached to the acupuncture needles to promote the circulation of energy between desired points. This is particularly helpful for musculoskeletal pain.

Sandra McKay L.Ac. is in network with most insurance plans that cover acupuncture and would be happy to verify your benefits.  Simply email a copy of the front and back of your insurance card along with your date of birth and allow 48 business hours for verification.


Insurance Prices (determined by insurance company)


The co-payment or coinsurance due at time of service (typically $10-$40).