Success after a miscarriage


I started seeing Sandra for fertility acupuncture about a year and a half ago, right when we started trying to have a baby. We were able to get pregnant right away, but miscarried at 6-8 weeks. Sandra was very helpful and comforting in helping me dealing with the miscarriage and getting my cycle and body back on track to try to get pregnant again. When we tried again, I followed my doctor’s suggestions for troubleshooting early miscarriages, but I also supplemented my fertility plan with Sandra’s acupuncture and treatment recommendations.  With the miscarriage being unexplained, it is hard to say which of the many things we did helped us make it this far. But I am very grateful that I was able to have Sandra as a source of support during the whole journey. At the very least, it is a dedicated hour each week to focus on myself and my baby during the acupuncture treatment. It was nice to have Sandra as a professional resource I could check in with regarding fertility and pregnancy on a weekly basis, since doctor visits were spaced out monthly or longer during the first two trimesters. Even though I can’t control everything, working with Sandra has been a wonderful way to feel more proactive. I didn’t even have any known issues when I first started seeing her, but I’m so happy she was part of my treatment from the beginning, given the challenges that did arise.  We now have a healthy baby boy!  Ava, accountant

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