Pain free after 15 years!

I lived with intense vaginal pain (vulvodynia) for 15 years. It made intercourse intolerable and the pain was pervasive through the day while sitting at my desk, etc. After just a few sessions with Sandra, the pain lessened and now after a couple months, the pain is completely gone. I am so grateful for the attentiveness, respect and sensitivity of

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Neck and shoulder pain

Had serious neck and shoulder pain. I went in, had not been able to sleep in 4 days.  After 45 minutes of needles, muscle stim, and a little gua sha (sp?), I walked out and could turn my head again.  Slept like a baby that night.  Amazing.  Was able to go back to work again. ~Construction job ~Great results


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Knee injury

I came to see Sandra to recover from a hiking injury – I had a slight tear in a ligament right inside the knee joint. I was not able to fully close or open my knee without extreme pain, and even daily activities (standing, going up and down stairs) were difficult. After a day of teaching, I would be limping.

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High blood pressure

Sandra has helped me with a couple of issues. Recently I’ve been seeing Sandra to treat my high blood pressure. A week after my first appointment and taking herbs prescribed by Sandra, I noticed a huge difference in my blood pressure. Not only were my numbers better, but I feel better too! I’ve referred friends and family members to Sandra

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