Knee injury

I came to see Sandra to recover from a hiking injury – I had a slight tear in a ligament right inside the knee joint. I was not able to fully close or open my knee without extreme pain, and even daily activities (standing, going up and down stairs) were difficult. After a day of teaching, I would be limping. An orthopedic surgeon prescribed physical therapy and oral steroids to reduce swelling, but neither of those were effective. I lived like this for about 6 months before I went to Sandra.

Treatments with Sandra were great – she explains what she is doing and treats the process matter-of-factly, so I felt little or no apprehension about the needles. For my knee, she also used electro-stimulation, which was similar to what the physical therapist did, except since it was directed through the acupuncture needles, the treatment went to exactly the source of the problem. After seeing her a few times, the swelling went down, and it started to heal. I continued with once a week treatments over the summer, and now my knee is pain-free.

I was so glad to find Sandra – I had seen other acupuncturists for back pain, so I know they can vary in effectiveness, gentleness, etc. Sandra clearly has a gift in this field – whether it is intuitive or through her training and experience, she seems to know exactly what is needed for each of her clients. I have recommended family and friends to her, and they also report that she is great!

San Diego